When Is Hogwarts Legacy Set? A History Of The Wizarding World

The latest video game in the Harry Potter franchise aims to explore a new corner of the wizarding world. Learn more about the Hogwarts Legacy setting.

2023-01-19 16:20:03 By Michael Adamson


VeryNeko's Guide To Tamagotchis

Get ready to feel some nostalgia, because Tamagotchi has hatched its way onto VeryNeko! Created in Japan by Akihiro Yoko and Aki Maita, Tamagotchis have been titans in the Digital Pet industry since 1996. We are so excited to see the resurgence in popularity for Tamagotchis! We decided to compile a guide to the Tamagotchis we have on site now.

2022-04-08 11:18:56By Natasha Johnson


Top 5 Summer Picks

2022-03-28 08:35:22By Alexandra Wilson

Star Wars

Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

Calling all Jedi, Sith and Rebels! Walt Disney World has crossed the stars to bring us the brand new Star Wars: Galaxy Starcruiser resort. To sate our curiosity, we decided to do a deep dive into this immersive experience. Carry on reading to find out more…

2022-03-02 16:22:15 By Natasha Johnson

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