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The first two Mini Backpacks in our Disney Moments series are here!

Loungefly Bags, Wallets & Purses

Very Neko presents an exciting collection of Loungefly bags and accessories, bringing you an eclectic supply of high-quality products, featuring all your favourite pop culture icons!

Who are Loungefly?

Loungefly found their routes in 1998 as a modest fashion and accessories production company, operating out of a small warehouse in Southern California.

They have since become a leading provider of innovative speciality products, bringing to life the greatest pop culture franchises across their various uniquely designed Loungefly bags and accessories.

Products for every occasion

Very Neko’s diverse line-up has Loungefly bags and accessories to fit all your day-to-day needs, available in a myriad of aesthetic designs from the greatest pop culture franchises.

Browse our expanding roster of products and dive into a huge selection of Loungefly backpacks, mini backpacks, tote bags, handbags, duffle bags, fanny packs, wristlets, cardholders, wallets and purses!

The Biggest Franchises

Loungefly pride themselves on bringing you the best products from a wide range of brands, including: Marvel, DC Comics, Disney, Star Wars, Harry Potter and many more!

So, find your favourite characters - brought to life in an astounding display of inspired designs - and show your love for these film, TV and comic book icons.

With products depicting Deadpool, Darth Vader, Harley Quinn, Harry Potter, Spider-Man, and everyone in-between, you’re sure to find a Loungefly bag or accessory to meet your needs!

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Pop Culture Must Haves

So, if you’re looking to treat yourself or someone else, look no further! We have everything you need - available now at an affordable price!

Find your next fashion accessory today and stay tuned for all the latest branded designs and new stylish products, directly from Very Neko’s Loungefly bags and accessories collection!