Disney’s Cruella – HIT or MISS?

Find out the real truth about Cruella, is it worth the watch? Or did it miss the spot? The team here at VeryNeko, went to find out for ourselves… Stay tuned for our thoughts, feelings and the truth about Cruella. 


There’s no doubt about it, Emma Stone has the role of Cruella De Vil down to an art. Everything from the accent to the way she walked, Cruella was embodied perfectly. As for Emma Thompson, she was also incredible (although when is she not…) but we do feel that she was very much giving us Meryl Streep in the Devil Wears Prada vibes. Miranda Priestly and Cruella make a killer combo, so we’re not complaining about that! 


As for the storyline, was it predictable? Yes. But what Disney film isn’t, and we don’t think it deserves all the bad press it has been getting. Just like the 2014 Disney re-imagined tale of Maleficent, we see a much softer side to Cruella, who is actually named ‘Estella’ and we learn all about her childhood right through to where 101 Dalmatians takes off (make sure you stay until the end to find out what we mean by this, it’s our favourite part). 


Cruella is all about fashion and it is clear that’s a driving force of the narrative which is why the costumes are so spectacular. Heavily inspired by Alexander McQueen, any fashion buff might not have seen anything new but if you’re a classic Disney lover who just enjoys a re-make then we’re sure that you’ll be in for a treat! The looks include flames, fame & future, in an intense battle between Cruella and her arch-rival the Baroness. Now for the truth… yes, we have read some of the comments about the outrage of having no mention of fur, which draws away from the original movies’ key narrative. We completely agree. This doesn’t mean that we didn’t enjoy the movie, it was great and we thoroughly enjoyed it, but there was a part of us thinking – where is the fur? It was very much brushed over and it was like they were trying to rewrite the entire plot of what makes Cruella so evil, which definitely made her feel a lot softer than the Glen Close 1996 version of Cruella which we all know is pure evil.


Overall (in our opinion) it is well worth a watch, it was a great watch and very enjoyable. It also didn’t feel too long or too short which we think is so important for a movie. Because let’s be honest – who wants to be checking their phones every 10 minutes wondering how long is left. The casting of Emma Stone and Emma Thompson were brilliant and no faults there. We just wished that the true evil Cruella was displayed a bit more and had the odd feeling that they were trying to re-write 101 Dalmatians but a sequel has been confirmed so I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens next… 

We’ve linked the trailer above so you can make up your own opinion and make sure to let us know if you agree or disagree with our thoughts on Cruella.  

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What did you think of Disney’s Cruella? 

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Issy Ehlen

Issy Ehlen

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