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Top 5 Films To Watch On Disney+ With Your Family

If you are a fan of Disney, you probably know about Disney Plus – an online streaming service that brings Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and more all together in one place, where you can watch a collection of shows, movies, and shorts.


My biggest struggle with Disney Plus is simply figuring out what to watch. The categories are all quite specific and often browsing, I am presented with the same sort of thing. Movies can’t be categorized by Newest and instead are set to themes, which can be a real struggle. Nonetheless, I have spent a lot of time watching movies in Disney Plus with my family and have selected five of the best films currently on Disney Plus, for you to watch with your whole family!




I first saw people talking about Luca on Twitter, which is arguably how I find a lot of my suggested films to watch. Luca is a new film that tells a coming of age type story, happening in a small seaside town in Italy. A boy, with the name Luca, is actually a sea monster underwater but can become a human if he stays dry above water. He finds a friend, Alberto, who lives above water as a human, despite being a monster. Together they get up to all sorts of mischief, however, the town is always one step away from finding out their secret, and Luca isn’t sure how they’d react. The ending is quite heartwarming and the animations are lovely!


Raya and the Last Dragon


Raya and the Last Dragon is a more intense feeling movie then Luca, but it is still rated for six and above. This movie has a story of a time when dragons roamed the world, however, there was a massive divide due to evil that threatened the land. The dragons were forced to sacrifice themselves to save the humans. Raya is a young girl who’s father is looking to bring back peace to the land, but sadly is unable to do so because of humanity, and ends up releasing the evil presence back into the world. Raya is able to bring a dragon back to life, though not a super helpful one, and together they look to bring the world back together and unfreeze the dragons and humans stuck in stone. There are some intense action-y bits for younger ones, but Robin (age 5) wasn’t scared herself.



Bolt is an action and adventure movie about a dog who is a part of a TV show, where he saves the world! The only issue is, this dog thinks the TV show is real life. Bolt (the dog) finds himself suddenly in New York City, due to a massive mistake, on his own. Convinced of his super dog powers, he keeps trying to be the superhero he thinks that he is, but nothing is working. Bolt has to find friends to help him understand his situation and make his way back to his owner. There is a talking hamster that is quite funny to watch, and Bolt’s daring, super hero actions are well worth watching!




Epic is a story about a teenage daughter who has come to live with her quirky father, who is convinced that fairies live near him and wants to study them. After an argument about the father not paying much mind to the daughter or her emotional needs. She is mistakenly turned into a fairy and has to find her way back to becoming human, with these creatures she did not previously believe in. In the fairy world, there is also a lot going on, as the princess fairy has given her final bit of magic to this human, so that an heir can be chosen and the land can continue to be full of blooming grass and flowers. Evil creatures want to stop the fairy world for staying alive and blooming, and now this human is in the midst of the war, just looking to get home. The story itself is interesting and quite fun to watch!





Souls is quite a touching and sad movie, as it’s an obscure movie about death and coping with the concept of not being around anymore. Jamie Foxx has wanted to work in a jazz club for his entire life, and actually gets the job, before dying. In a bid to get back to the mortal world, he ends up finding another baby soul who refuses to go to Earth, and together they explore the human world to see if this soul will change her mind and become a human. Jamie is able to have his last few moments on Earth and realises the importance of moving on and continuing with the cycle of life. It’s very touching and the music, as one would expect in this type of movie, is phenomenal.

What is your favourite film on Disney+ to watch with your family?

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